Monday, February 20, 2012

Right After Fall

i love ansel adams work with black and whit reflections and it inspired me to do the same.

Winter Animals & More

         There really isn't much to say about these pictures except black and white was the best fit for horses and cows.

Macro Blueberries

         i was reading the popular photography and saw pics of blueberries and i wanted to do the same.  the lighting was very poor so i had to get a bunch of reflectors.  i used my sigma 70-200 mm f-2.8 hsm macro so i could get close.  and i think they turned out pretty good for it being my first time.

Red Roses

since valentines day just passed i was really inspired to take pictures of red roses.  it took a while to get the perfect set up and the right lighting.  so eventually i let natural light come in from the window and a flash so my white back ground would make the roses stick out.  and it worked great!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Camera Gear

This is currently all my gear besides my battery grip.  I am very thankful for every single thing.