Saturday, December 31, 2011


most of these pictures were not nearly as cool until i changes them to sepia on lightroom 3.  they turned out cool so i decided to post them.

Cali Pics

california was an amaazing expierence.  my mom is friends with a gal who lives in california.  she has a husband david a son joshua and a daughter cidney and her name is elizabeth.  they are a "narley" family and were a great people to enjoy our vacation with.  my mom, miranda, nate and i stayed in their house for a little over a week.  the house is a traditional adobe and it was very neat.  they had just recently moved to that house.  the photography expierence was amazing but sadly i was not that expierenced and didn't get the greatest pictures.  the beach is where we spent most of our time we had picnics but for the most part were busy boogy boarding.  we also went to the san diego zoo there was so much to do there and so many pictures to take.  over all cali was an amazing time!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011


 there really isn't much to say about these pics except that most of them were taken in our garden.  i really like taking pictures of flowers and it mostly is because of their vibrance and beauty.  another reason why is becauseevey time i take a picture of a flower i always find something new on them.


i really am not much of the bird watching type, so instead of sitting around wating for a bird i just see one and then go get the picture.

 our house is located right in the eagles flight path so seeing an eagle is normal to us.  in fact their nest is just a mile down the road from us.  that is why the first picture the eagle is sitting on a tree branch he is actually right next to its nest.  in the second pic the eagle was scared away.  in this case i had a low shutter speed this way i could catch the motion of the wings flapping back and forth.  i think it makes the pic look cooler.

 in our back yard we have a colassal pond where many swans spend their summer.  this gives me many chances to get pictures of them.
one morning before school i saw a eagle up in our pinetree.  it was cool because it was young and didn't have its adult colors.  i sneeked out in the yard and took the picture just before it was spooked by a car and flew away.

these two pictures were taken at the crane festival.  every year they have them on display.