Friday, December 23, 2011


i really am not much of the bird watching type, so instead of sitting around wating for a bird i just see one and then go get the picture.

 our house is located right in the eagles flight path so seeing an eagle is normal to us.  in fact their nest is just a mile down the road from us.  that is why the first picture the eagle is sitting on a tree branch he is actually right next to its nest.  in the second pic the eagle was scared away.  in this case i had a low shutter speed this way i could catch the motion of the wings flapping back and forth.  i think it makes the pic look cooler.

 in our back yard we have a colassal pond where many swans spend their summer.  this gives me many chances to get pictures of them.
one morning before school i saw a eagle up in our pinetree.  it was cool because it was young and didn't have its adult colors.  i sneeked out in the yard and took the picture just before it was spooked by a car and flew away.

these two pictures were taken at the crane festival.  every year they have them on display.

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