Sunday, December 18, 2011

Random Pics

This spring my mom made me do my daily chores of picking the fresh vegetables from the garden.  when i was finished i noticed the distinct pattern of the tomatoes in the basket so i ran into the house and grabbed my camera then took the pic.
 This photographer i met inspired to take a picture of a bullfrog and use their eye as the focal point. The pic turned out amazing and i just had to blog it.
 in the summer i was picking tomatoes and i noticed this tomato worm it scared me but i figured it was a good macro picture.
 i saw this contrast in color when i was out in the field taking pics of the wild flowers.
 My mom asked me to take nates school pictures. I finished fixing them up on lightrom three.  i started to fascinate over the black n white look and came up with this.

 on the way to taking the trash out i saw how the water droplets stayed on the flowers it turned out an awesome macro pic.
after the first snowfall this year i asked my mom to take me to the mill in bellevue.  On lightroom 3 i turned the picture to "old polar" and it turned out really cool.

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