Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cali Pics

california was an amaazing expierence.  my mom is friends with a gal who lives in california.  she has a husband david a son joshua and a daughter cidney and her name is elizabeth.  they are a "narley" family and were a great people to enjoy our vacation with.  my mom, miranda, nate and i stayed in their house for a little over a week.  the house is a traditional adobe and it was very neat.  they had just recently moved to that house.  the photography expierence was amazing but sadly i was not that expierenced and didn't get the greatest pictures.  the beach is where we spent most of our time we had picnics but for the most part were busy boogy boarding.  we also went to the san diego zoo there was so much to do there and so many pictures to take.  over all cali was an amazing time!!!

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